Microsoft Windows管理员 VBScript最新应用技巧

Microsoft Windows管理员 VBScript最新应用技巧

作者: 邓·琼斯

ISBN: 9787506283175

出版时间: 2007-06-01

出版社: 世界图书出版公司

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When writing my first scripting book, Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI (Addison Wesley, 2004), I set out to create what was at the time an industry first: a book designed not for developers but specifically for Microsoft Windows administrators with very little VBScript experience who wanted to learn just enough VBScript to be effective. Since that book was published, Windows administrators have become more and more skilled with Windows Script Host, VBScript, Windows Management Instrumentation, and other related technolo gies. Because administrators attending conferences and viewing my Web site ( are beginning to ask questions about more complex technologies and techniques, the time has come for a book that covers advanced topics.
In this book, my :ble co-author, Jeffery Hicks, and I try to cover some of the more advanced scripting techniques that we use every day. We certainly aren't pretending that we touch on every topic that might be considered "advanced"; after all, scripting is as varied and complex as Microsoft Windows itself. Instead, we try to cover the most useful advanced echnologies, recognizing that our fellow administrators are typically as practical and pragmatic as we are.
We also try to cover these technologies in much the same way that we learned about them,by presenting complete solutions and line-by-line walkthroughs, so that you can see the finalproduct as well as a detailed description of how and why it works.

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